Queenstown Film Society 2013 Short Film Festival

For the third year, Queenstown Film Society is planning an evening of professional and amateur short films as part of this year’s line up. The Local Short Film night is scheduled for Tuesday 24 September and will be screened at Dorothy Browns cinema, giving you the chance to see your film on the big screen!

To give you an idea of the style and variety of films we’ve had before, see our Queenstown 2011 Short Film Festival.

We’re now welcoming entries for this year and If you would like to submit a film here are a few guidelines and pointers:

  • To submit a film email us no later than 23 August 2013.
  • The film should be submitted in DVD format. If selected we will contact you for the original file so we can screen it in HD format if available.
  • Films should be no more than 15 minutes in length and can be as short as you like.
  • There should be some local connection to the Queenstown Lakes area - the film-maker could be local, it could be set here or feature the district as part of the film.
  • We will not accept films that are promotional in nature.
  • Films may be made by a professional or an amateur.
  • The work may have been done at any time, this could be a new film or something that has already been made - though we’d prefer to show films that haven’t been seen by an audience before.
  • There is no age limit for submitters - our youngest entrant so far was 12.
  • The film must be submitted by the owner of the content who must be happy for it to be aired as part of the Queenstown Film Society schedule.
  • Entry is no guarantee of acceptance, all films will be reviewed by Queenstown Film Society before we decide whether to screen them.


So get your director's caps on and see your masterpiece on the big screen!


Queenstown Film Society 2011 Short Film Festival

On Tuesday 21st June 2011, Queenstown Film Society hosted its first Short Film Festival, featuring nine films with a local angle. The night was attended by members, friends and the film makers themselves, packing Dorothy Brown's cinema in Arrowtown. Below the photos taken on the night, we're pleased to present each of the films for your enjoyment! We plan to make this an annual event, so get your thinking caps on for the 2012 Shorts Night!

Ruth Joiner, our MC for the night   A packed cinema!
QFS members Tracey, Greg and Lisa   QFS members Jim and Lynn
Daisy Thor-Poet (Giving Back)   Jo, mother of Rick Gutzewitz (The Threat) with Grant Hensman
Scott Kennedy (Wheels) with Sophie   Gordon Laing (Go for lunch, I mean launch!)
Tim Pierce (Timothy George Pierce) with Bel   Peter Elliston (Queens Drive) with Brent
Pete McInally (Lycra Sux) with son Jordan (who actually appeared in three of the nine films)   Dorothy Browns' cinema


1: Giving Back

Daisy Thor-Poet, 5 minutes

A pre-teen director's whimsical short. Charming, joyful little story of a young girl's bike ride, celebrating adventure tourism
and her affection for the natural environment in the Wakatipu. Beautifully thought-provoking with simplicity and integrity.




2: The Backyard

Stefan Haworth, 3 minutes

"The idea is to have a trampoline, which is usually in the backyard and to place it in remote locations. With the tramp we had sourced we were able to easily take apart and transport in the back of the car to locations. We found a process that we could put the tramp together in a matter of minutes to make the sunset or certain light. Some locations weren't the safest of locations like the barge shoot with the tramp on a lean and moving each jump, surrounded by metal poles or holes. No injuries apart from the quite frequent stubbed toe caused from looking through the viewfinder." - Stefan Haworth




3: The Threat

Rick Gutzewitz, 3 minutes

‘The Threat’; produced and scripted by Grant Hensman, narrated by Craig Ferguson, filmed and edited by Rick Gutzewitz..  This documentary was made for the Wakatipu Wilding Control Group to raise public awareness of the wilding conifer impact on our local landscape.




4: Wheels

Scott Kennedy, 9 minutes

Is a bike just a bike? Is it a toy, a tool, transportation or something more? 'Wheels' is a personal look into what riding a bike means to the filmmaker. First we look inside and then we look out.




5: Go for lunch! I mean, launch!

Gordon Laing, 15 minutes

"Take one part travelogue, one part documentary, mix-in a selection of local wildlife with some tasty snacks and you've got my attempt to witness one of the final Space Shuttle launches in Florida." - Gordon Laing (launch footage courtesy of NASA)




6: 80 Days / 8000 Photos

Trey Ratcliff, 6 minutes

"Remember back in the 1950's when you would invite neighbors over to see your vacation slides from your trip to the beach in Florida?  Yes, I don't remember that either...  But I bet it was a very boring evening...  So I decided to make the same sort of thing, except one that would only appeal to people who are clinically insane." - Trey Ratcliff





7: Timothy George Pierce

Tim Pierce, 4 minutes

"I've been lucky enough to enjoy my fathers company a lot since he has retired. We're extremely close and last year, I decided to make this short film shot in a few days over the span of a month. Tim Pierce senior has lived a life that I admire and respect. I wanted to show how his days are now filled. From the mundane every day tasks, to him in his element and truly enjoying his spare time, and all the small details inbetween. It was quite an emotional effort, and my first attempt at any sort of short film outside of work. I hope it makes you want to spend more time with your dad. All of the locations that I filmed with him now seem a lot more special to me, I will always remember my father in these locations for the rest of my life." - Tim Pierce




8: Queen's Drive

Peter Elliston, 12 minutes

The Queens Drive is a very rough trail that winds around the steep slopes of The Remarkables. The film describes an initial trek around the trail in late winter that was unsuccessful because of the danger and then a return in summer that was successful.




9: Lycra Sux

Pete McInally, 12 minutes

"About 5 years ago I brought my son a downhill mountainbike and soon discovered I liked riding it as much as him.We started riding the jumps and this is my story of how dirt jumping has now become my obsession.Lycra Sux takes a light hearted look at progressing from nerdy cross country rider to downhill maniac as a 50 year old." - Pete McInally



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